Discover New Era Taxi Enterprise

TaxiStars App is not just another dispatching mobile app. TaxiStars is an open network of taxi apps based on cloud technology that guarantee better access to customers and service enhancement. It provides open basis for sustainable development and ability to develop your own brand and differentiate service offerings to alternative customer segments.

Product details

The product allows users to make orders directly via their smartphones. It transforms the traditional taxi services into an on-demand service which fits the efficient lifestyle of modern users. The service is easy, fast and safe. It optimizes all actions in the taxi service lifecycle - orders, localisation, order interaction, payments and reporting. Saves time and resources and eliminates the need of phone calls, contact with third party - dispatcher or call center. Clients have direct contact with the taxi driver and can select options and drivers. The taxi car approaching is clearly visible in real time. Depending on the client's choice payment can be cash or directly through mobile phone. The customer can later refer to his travel and expense reports.

Clients' benefits

Using a Taxistars compliant mobile App consumer is provided with a easy-to-use, real time virtual taxi self-assistant

Get access to better taxi service - digital booking provides customers with management tools that ensure they will get a better and fair service

Enhance customer choice - provides transparent and open services to all member taxi companies in his own language

Drivers' benefits

The App empowers taxi companies and drivers with new tools for enhancement of customer service while maintaining lower TCO.

  • More clients
  • Provides extra business through channeling orders from the different Business partners

  • Interactive management
  • Provides a direct link to the client's order information and location

  • Build your personal brand
  • Service rating provides direct mechanism for service differentation among taxi drivers

  • Urban mobility
  • Preciseness and more accuracy of the GPS coordinates

  • Efficiency
  • Operational way to save time and resources. Reduce empty driving and no shows

  • Transparent
  • Always available online reports for all travels and payments

  • Environmental
  • Completely eliminated processing of paper documents


Platform Features

Free tools to build your business in a digital way

Passenger app

smartphone application for mobile taxi bookings and payments through the phone

Driver app

mobile device application to receive taxi bookings and payments

Dispatcher app

web service for taxi companies integrating a digital ordering center, GPS fleet management and online payment transactions and reports

Operator app

customizable white label app offering new broad possibilities to build your own taxi service, billing and payment network

Web app

integrated solution for taxi booking for passengers and management of transport expenditures and payments for companies

Social Apps

initiate orders from Social Network sites